Feature Product: Table Top Tempest

Our latest (and much-anticipated) addition to the Tempest line-up has arrived…the Table Top Tempest.  Consider it sort of the “mini-me” of Tempests, but with the same eye-capturing spiral flame.  I had the opportunity to set up a couple of these Table Top versions at my Memorial Day party over the weekend, and my secret-recipe buttermilk fried chicken (the staple crowd pleaser) had nothing on ’em. They completely stole the show!  Our president, Kurt Rumens, tells us all about it in the following video.

Let’s break it down:

* Indoor/Outdoor Use

* Uses Gel-Ethanol Fuel (non-toxic & clean burning)

* Easy access fuel tray

* Naturally spinning flame…the magical Venturi effect!

* Easy-Extinguish snuff plate included

* Beautiful focal point for any room or party!

Visit the Tempest Torch website to learn more about this fun new indoor/outdoor living product and to find out where you can buy one for your next gathering!


May 19th: Factory Tour in Review

This week’s factory tour was, once again, a huge success.  As the attendees came off our production floor and entered the lobby showroom they were buzzing with inquisitive questions and animated recaps of what they’d seen and learned.  The sophisticated equipment we use blew everyone away, from the robotic welders to laser cutters to the advanced air filtration system that keeps our production floor clean and aroma free.  All especially admired the fact that we are a “Green” building.  We strive to be leaders in the effort to be environmentally friendly by not only recycling our air, but by maximizing the use of ALL our materials so that our recyclable waste is kept at a minimum. The sight of isles upon isles of this efficient and progressive technology is made all the more spectacular considering the tour begins with the story of our humble beginnings…one man, a 120 square foot Ballard shop, and an espresso (hey, this is Seattle!)

So, it’s not all about machines and how we minimize our steel recycling; although we do find that stuff pretty fascinating and could probably drone on about it for hours. We also discuss the history of the company and the story behind what makes us special.  Rochelle, visiting us from Vermont, said “I was amazed to hear about the longevity of the employees,” as she glanced up at our giant ‘Then & Now’ poster.





This is what comes from a group dedicated not only to making the best product decade after decade, but to creating a family environment that encourages levity, enthusiasm and creativity day after day.

Grant, also from Vermont, expressed his appreciation towards his Lopi Endeavor woodstove during a TWO WEEK long power outage a couple of years ago in the New England area.  It doubled perfectly as a heater and a cooktop stove.  You’re quite welcome Grant. We’re glad we could help.

Though we were sad to see them leave, we said farewell to a happy and well fed tour group who was eager to tell friends and family about their morning.  I want to give a big “Thank you!” to everyone who came to visit, and I hope you come back to take the tour again. We’d love to have you, and I know that every time I meander through the 11 acres here we like to call ‘home’ I learn something new.

(Left to Right) Jim, Rochelle, Kurt Rumens (Pres.), Jim Holt (Prod. Dev. Coord.), Grant





We hope that you can join us!

Get a Sneak Peak Inside the Tempest Factory!

Ever been curious about the manufacturing process?  Ever wanted to get an up-close and personal look at how trendsetting and innovative products are made by the craftsmen who make them? If you answered “YES!”, then the House of Fire Factory Tour is definitely for you.  This is an invitation only, behind the scenes look into our 11-acre, world-class manufacturing facility located just 30 minutes North of Seattle. You’ll spend the morning touring the factory, getting to know our employees who are passionate about the products we make and the people who warm their homes with them.  We’ll even treat you to lunch!  The House of Fire is a private facility and registration is required for tour entry.  Click on the link below to find out more and to register for the next tour. We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to the Tempest Torch Blog!

The award winning Tempest Torch breaks the barriers of standard torch design and was created to be the ultimate lighting enhancement. Tempest Torch is manufactured by Travis Industries, the largest, privately owned wood, pellet, and gas stove, insert and fireplace company in America.  The Travis Industries brands are available exclusively from a network of more than 1,200 authorized retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and China. All of our products are manufactured in the United States within an 11-acre, Mukilteo, Washington facility called the ‘House of Fire’ employing up to 600 employees just thirty minutes North of Seattle. We’re glad you could join us!